Chiropractic Care for Flat Feet

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If your feet are flat, you may experience pain in your back and other areas of your body because of the different and limited foot function you may have. The good news is that flat feet can be treated and a chiropractor can apply different approaches to help you go about your day comfortably and keep up with your daily activities. 

Whether you’re an athlete or sit at a desk all day, you should see a chiropractor so they can assess the situation and rule out any serious injuries. A chiropractor will help you get to the source of your pain so that they can then treat it and eliminate the pain. Muscle strains in flat feet are very painful and if you don’t seek treatment, can lead to other issues and more serious challenges. 

Certified chiropractors know exactly how to approach the problem and will apply the right treatment accordingly. They will begin by assessing your situation to get a better understanding of your standing position, muscle tension and joint mobility in relation to your flat feet. They will also look at your medical history and discuss past injuries or other health concerns they may have. You can also help as a patient by arriving prepared and providing information about any foot or leg issues from your past and explaining your pain and how you feel when walking, playing sports, working or even attempting to rest. Helping the chiropractor understand your pain will help them provide an effective treatment plan that is most beneficial to you. 

Based on the information you provide, your chiropractor will come up with a personalized plan to target and eliminate your pain so that you can get back to your life and daily routine again. Treatments can consist of deep massages, strengthening and stretching exercises, a possible shoe assessment, the recommendation for orthotics as well as adjustments to help relieve you of your pain. You will most likely be given some homework consisting of daily exercises that must be completed as prescribed so that you see an improvement and benefit from the results. The recovery portion is not always fun nor is it easy, but a good chiropractor can get you back on your feet again.

Burnaby Heights Chiropractic can help manage and eliminate your pain. Their registered massage therapists and chiropractors will work with you one on one to provide the right treatment plan and therapy so that you no longer have to experience any pain. For the best RMTs, contact Burnaby Heights Chiropractic today!

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