Massage Therapy

Sometimes, it’s hard to recover from vehicle accidents, sports injuries, back and joint aches no matter how many painkillers you take, and for how long. Massage therapy can work wonders at such times. It can speed up the recovery process, increase joint mobility and help manage chronic pain without the side effects associated with medication.

Our registered massage therapist (RMT) will carefully evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, and perform a physical examination focusing on your complaint to determine an individualized treatment plan. He also help you with injury prevention, as well as give advice on rehabilitation and what you can do at home care.

Tim Gropen

Registered Massage Therapist

I've been in practice as an RMT for 17 years in Vancouver, and now Burnaby! My treatments are geared towards helping patients through a variety of conditions: motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, TMJ and other chronic injuries. On the road to recovery I encourage my patients with stretching, remedial exercises and other forms of home care. I believe in a team approach to treatment and work with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists and other healthcare practitioners to help patients achieve their goals.
I typically use a number of treatment techniques during any one session.
I typically use a number of treatment techniques during any one session. While I do use Swedish massage, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy and other techniques I do more Myofascial Release than anything else as I (and my patients) generally find it most effective at reducing pain and improving range of motion.

I believe that my patients should take responsibility for their health. While I am dedicated to helping them recover from injuries or to improve their performance ultimately it's up to them to maximize their health and wellness through exercise, stretching, sleeping enough (!), and eating sensibly.

I live here in Capitol Hill with my wife, Tracy, and our two boys, Sam and Nate. We love it here. We are very much a family about food and fun. When I'm not in the clinic I like to spend time surfing, playing hockey, playing Go, hiking, biking, watching movies and generally goofing off. Tracy and I also like to garden and spend time with family and friends making food and drinking wine.

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Massage Therapy Rates

60 minutes 45 minutes 30 minutes
$120 $95 $70