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Spending time in isolation and in quarantine has not been easy, and for many of us, these changes have taken a toll on our minds and bodies. Prioritizing both our mental and physical health is a must and we need to maintain an active mind, active body and an active home during these trying times. These things are not always easy to do but the following tips will help guide you in the right direction:

Make A Routine

Most of our day-to-day routines have changed because of this pandemic but it is important that you still maintain some form of routine because it is healthy. You must stay active and create new alternatives so that you maintain some form of normalcy, which will allow your mind and body to remain active. It may be tempting to lounge all day while you’re at home but you have to resist this urge as this can cause you to go down a very unhealthy path. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time you normally would every day and eat healthily. Take a shower and change into different clothes so that you don’t get used to staying in your pajamas all day. Establishing a routine will allow you to remain positive and upbeat.

Make Sure You Stretch

Get up and stretch every hour and you will instantly notice a difference in your mood and attitude. Stretching will help you stay awake and will prevent you from feeling down and lazy. It will also help you maintain circulation while preventing stiff muscles and joints. You can also learn some yoga and new stretches because more time at home will provide you with the perfect opportunity to learn a new routine and this will help you achieve your goals while remaining active. Stretching and exercising are extremely important for your mind and body, so incorporate them into your new schedule. Even if your workout routine is short, it is better than just sitting on the couch all day.

Find A Hobby

If you’re working fewer hours or need a mental break, a hobby is a great escape. This is the perfect time to try new things and to explore new ideas because you likely have a bit more time on your hands. Look into hobbies that will get you moving and remember that even small movements count. For example, knitting is great for arthritis and dexterity, so it may be worth a try. You can also try puzzles, furniture restoration or can get really adventurous and attempt to learn a new language. Hobbies will help keep you occupied and active, so make sure you explore this aspect.

Chiropractic care can also help with your body and mind and Burnaby Heights Chiropractic can provide you with more information. If you are looking for the nearest registered chiropractor or an RMT in the Burnaby area, give us a call today!

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