What Is the Role Chiropractors Play in Helping You Achieve Wellness?

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September 13, 2022
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There is no health remedy that works for everyone, as any wellness professional will inform you. Given that factors such as weight, nutrition, stress, activity levels, burnout at work, and others play significant roles. This is especially true for those who experience back pain. Many individuals with back pain find relief from chiropractic treatment. Still, if chiropractors in Burnaby were only to provide one type of therapy and operated within a “healthcare silo,” patients could not receive the comprehensive care they require to feel well—with a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

Registered chiropractors in Burnaby can help their clients more efficiently by collaborating with other healthcare professionals and initiatives. For instance, a balanced diet plan and an exercise plan specific to a patient’s biomechanical needs can help mitigate back pain’s causes.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a complementary field of healthcare. It strongly emphasizes the manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine while concentrating on evaluating and treating neuromuscular disorders. These changes are thought to contribute to general health wellness by alleviating pain, extending the range of motion, enhancing flexibility, and fostering relaxation. 

Chiropractic treatment may also boost immunological and neurological system performance, which can benefit general health and fitness. Reducing neck/back pain, migraines, and sensations linked to some chronic illnesses (including fibromyalgia and asthma) are specific advantages of chiropractic treatment.

How Does Chiropractic Care Promote Wellness?

The system of tendons, nerves, bones, organs, and muscles that makes up the human body are intricately connected. Ensuring the spine is moving and functioning properly with chiropractic treatments has a chain reaction effect, which helps the rest of the body function properly as well. When your body is working well and feeling better, greater wellness is achieved. This treatment method can also trigger the brain to release endorphins, the “feel good” chemical that assists with mood regulation.

Being in intense pain from a specific injury will also cause significant negative effects throughout your body as a whole. The signals of pain that your brain receives can cause things like changing your overall stress level, decreasing your food intake, and altering your temperament to happen. You may find that you alter the way you move, or change your posture when you are resting because of the pain you are in. This compensation puts extra stress on different areas of your body, often leading to secondary problems.  As well, the inflammation caused by an injury in one area can spread to other areas, causing more wide spread discomfort. All of this added together can be very overwhelming, and lead to a significant decrease in how well you are feeling

Chiropractic treatments can improve function, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, and help promote faster and more complete healing. When the pain is gone, and your body is able to function normally, greater wellness is achieved. You’ll even get a better nights sleep!

Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has various advantages for both short-term and long-term health outcomes and is an important part of the treatment and management of several chronic and acute issues. Chiropractic treatment offers relief from more than simply neck and back discomfort. It has advantages for your ability to exercise, helps in the management of hypertension, pain management, mental wellness, and more.

Regular chiropractic visits can help establish and maintain an optimal level of personal well being by relieving symptoms and keeping your body working and moving smoothly. Working with your chiropractor helps create an environment where your health can flourish, and builds a long-term health strategy. It is a non-invasive and low-risk therapeutic option, with the following benefits:

  • Boost Energy & Sleep Habits

Any kind of pain makes it difficult to fall asleep. Tossing and turning all through the night due to physical pain can make it difficult or nearly impossible to obtain adequate sleep. Additionally, living a sleep-deprived life can lead to various psychological and medical issues.

Chiropractic treatment can lessen pain and assist you in falling asleep at night, increasing your energy levels during the day. At Burnaby Heights Chiropractic, Dr Eaton does this with hands-on manual therapy.

  • Control Arthritis Symptoms

To alleviate the discomfort associated with arthritis, sometimes patients must take medication and receive ongoing medical attention from their doctors. While this medication helps lessen inflammation, using chiropractic treatments to control these symptoms is often just as effective, and is invaluable for those people who don’t like to take medication.

Massage, muscular activation, exercise,  acupuncture, and other modalities are also ways to keep you mobile and flexible. Taking all reasonable precautions to maintain good health is very important.

  • Acute & Chronic Pain Relief

Helping to ease joint pain brought on by everyday activities and severe injuries is a daily occurrence here at Burnaby Heights Chiropractic. Despite some people’s beliefs, chiropractic  is a suitable method of treatment for many causes of  both acute and chronic pain.

Physical injuries from car accidents, old sports injuries that keep flaring up, repetitive stress injuries from repeated movements, disc bulges and herniations, issues with posture, movement imbalances, and even certain types of headaches and just a few of the things that chiropractors treat every single day. Whether they are acute issues that just happened, recurrent issues that flare up every once and a while, or chronic issues that need regular management, chiropractic treatments play a big part in managing the symptoms and  taking care of these things.

  • Identify & Address Physical Issues

Do you ever wonder why, despite your best intentions, your head, neck or back always hurts? Or the reason why typing makes your shoulder ache?

A skilled registered chiropractor can assist you in identifying the underlying causes of persistent discomfort by doing a thorough physical examination. They will check your posture, analyze your movement patterns, check for restrictions in joint movement, and test the integrity of your nerves and muscles. Once the underlying cause is identified, a treatment plan can be made. Your chiropractor will help you regain your range of movement and flexibility by removing physical restrictions, and will develop exercises and movements to target imbalances and weaknesses. Once issues have been resolved, they can assist you in maintaining a solid spine over the long term.

The Overall Outcome

Regular chiropractic patients experience changes in a variety of aspects of their lives. Decreased pain, improved movement, improved sleep, reduced stress, and an enhanced ability to deal with above normal physical strain, are just a few of the benefits that many patients enjoy. Aches and discomfort, poor posture, anxiety, stress, and accidents are also reduced in chiropractic patients who regularly receive treatment.

There is no reason to prevent yourself from feeling your best and taking advantage of the perks of optimizing your physical health and biomechanics. Many of the health issues you face could be due to poor alignment and routines that cause physical stress to your system. Get to the root cause of your pain by seeking chiropractic care to help with life’s aches and discomforts.

Now that you are well-informed, it’s up to you to experience a healthier, happier version of yourself. Plan a time for your introductory appointment with Burnaby Heights Chiropractic

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