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There is no better feeling as a golfer than finishing up a great round. Although, as any golfer knows, it can really take a toll on your body, especially the back and hips. Chiropractic care for golfers is a great way to stay comfortable on the green for longer periods of time.

Why see a chiropractor?

Many professional golfers, including Tiger Woods himself, have undergone surgery to correct back issues after injury and extreme pain. Even if you have yet to sustain an injury resulting from golf, don’t wait until one happens to visit a chiropractor. The last thing you need is to tee up, swing, and feel a pinch in your back. Golfing engages many parts of the body for extended periods of time, making golfers susceptible to misaligned spines, joint pains, and muscle aches.

What do chiropractors do?

Chiropractic care ensures that your body is functioning at maximum potential. Chiropractors use adjustments to correct biomechanical issues in the back and neck. Chiropractors also correct hip misalignments within joint and skeletal structure. For soft tissue related issues like muscle knots and pain, your chiropractor may suggest massage therapy to work out the muscles. Chiropractic treatments are safe and effective, but should be performed consistently to maximize effectiveness. In other words, as nice as it would be, you can’t go to a chiropractor once and be rid of all the pain. It takes time and patience to work your body back to its optimized state.

What can you expect from your appointment?

At your initial appointment, Dr Eaton will assess your situation, and come up with a treatment plan based on your needs. He will ask you about lots of different things including what activities you do, what your work environment is like, and any pre-existing conditions you might have. These are all important factors in determining your overall health. Once your initial assessment is over, you can get started with treatment. If you have more alignment issues, you will likely be dealing a lot more with a chiropractor than a massage therapist. If your pain or concerns revolve around the muscles, an introduction to massage therapy may be advised.

Golf can be a very intense sport and take a toll on the body. Visiting a chiropractor regularly will not only decrease your back and hip pain, but might make you even better at golf. Call Burnaby Heights Chiropractic today, we look forward to seeing you in a green jacket!

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