How Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Work Hand in Hand

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Massage Therapy Burnaby

Combining chiropractic and massage therapy often produces better results and patients will experience a noticeable improvement with the condition or injury they’re suffering from. Each form of therapy offers unique benefits on their own and when the two are completed together, patients will receive a treatment plan that is far more effective. 

Massage allows chiropractors to perform more stable adjustments because it increases a body’s acceptance of the adjustment so the patient will see results a lot faster, whether it’s in the form of pain relief or increased mobility. Chiropractic care is a lot more effective with massage because a therapeutic massage will warm up the patient’s muscles and relax their entire body, allowing the chiropractor to maximize their adjustments to achieve optimal results. Together, these two forms of treatment will fight pain and patients will feel better right away. In addition to helping relax one’s muscles, massage will also relieve patients of any tension they’re feeling and eliminate toxins. Chiropractic care is a great way of ultimately extending the treatment to provide relief and eliminate pain in the patient’s joints, bones, tendons and their nervous system. 

Chiropractic and massage therapy work hand in hand because the combination of both helps the patient’s body as a whole as opposed to just certain areas. Together, they provide full-body health, as both treatments focus on rejuvenation and healing and the techniques applied in each treatment will help boost the effectiveness of the other. Treating the root of the problem is highly possible when these two forms of treatments are combined, which increases the chances of effective results.

Many patients dread certain types of health procedures and feel stressed about having to see a chiropractor, which is very natural. Massage therapy can help with this aspect because it helps to relax and de-stress patients so that they’re better prepared for their chiropractic treatment by feeling less anxious. This will help them respond to the treatment a lot better because when a patient feels relaxed, they will feel more comfortable throughout the adjustments and when your muscles are not stiff, they will accept the chiropractor’s techniques instead of resisting them. Patients notice a decrease in terms of discomfort throughout their chiropractic appointment if they’ve had a massage beforehand because the experience will be relatively painless. The recovery time will also be a lot shorter because your condition will be taken care of through different techniques and multiple points. 

There are so many benefits to combining these two types of treatments, including longer lasting results, so if you’re interested in healing and recovery and want minimal pain, it may be time to consider both forms of therapy and Burnaby Heights Chiropractic can help. Our registered massage therapists and chiropractors will work together and apply the treatment that’s right for you based on your needs specifically, so if you’re in the Burnaby area and want a professional RMT, give us a call today!

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