How Neck Issues Can Cause Headaches, And How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

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Headaches are common symptoms that often derive from a number of other root causes, including dehydration, stress, a loud environment, lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, and even your diet.  Neck pains are also a common condition that can trigger headaches, and sometimes this can even lead to migraines. 

Checking to see whether your neck pains are the reason you are having headaches is important to consider when having a health care practitioner investigate your headache issues. You may think that your headaches derive from dehydration or just stress in general, and while this may be true, sometimes, the true culprit can be neck pains. If that is the case, it is often easily treatable, and will often significantly reduce the severity and frequency of your headaches. Sometimes, it will make those headaches go away all together!

At the base of the skull, there are four muscles called your suboccipital muscles. These muscles are often the cause of neck dysfunction and headache pain in many people. These muscles are responsible for the subtle but slight movements of the head as well as the first and second vertebrates of your neck. Your suboccipital muscles can become tense and tender, and can lead to other symptoms like a feeling of strain to the eyes, tension in the temples, and a headache. Tension in these muscles is often also related to tightness in the upper shoulder and upper back areas, which your chiropractor can also help with. 

In order to diagnose your specific condition, as part of your first visit your chiropractor will perform a thorough history taking and physical examination to see if there is any relationship between any neck pain and headaches you may be experiencing.  By determining the nature and relationship of these, your chiropractor will then be able to provide you with a treatment plan, specific to you. The most common ways that Dr Eaton will treat people at Burnaby Heights Chiropractic to help relieve them of headaches that are a result of neck pain include manual therapy and soft tissue therapy. As well, he can provide many recommendations on self care and rehabilitation: helping you learn what is bad and what isn’t for your neck, giving advice on healthy lifestyle changes, and what you can do at home when acute neck pain and headache symptoms arise. The final treatment is referral and co-management; helping you find the right care if chiropractic is inappropriate or not effective for you. These are all options that any chiropractor would be able to help you with.

Burnaby Heights Chiropractic offers chiropractor and registered massage therapy services in Burnaby, British Columbia. We offer our services to everyone and try to give the best care to our patients. If you are looking to get rid of those headaches and neck pains, don’t be afraid to contact us and see when you can book your next appointments.

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