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Chiropractors see several patients each day. Each patient comes into the office with their own unique and specific health goals in mind, and it is a chiropractors job to help those patients meet those health goals. Whether it is preventative treatment, acute pain management, or restorative adjustments, these are the 5 most common issues that chiropractors treat.

Lower back pain

The nagging pain in your lower back that you have had for months and it is making pretty much everything uncomfortable; the sharp jab of pain in your lower back that you just woke up with, that makes getting out of bed difficult… Lower back pain of one sort or another is the most common reason for people to see a chiropractor. Determining the root cause of the lower back pain is an essential step to effectively treating the issue. Once they determine the cause, your chiropractor will develop a plan of action which could involve various types of treatment, all with the goal of relieving your lower back pain as best they can.

Neck pain

Chiropractors also frequently see patients with neck pain, which could be caused by something as innocuous as time spent looking down at a phone screen, to something as significant as whiplash from a motor vehicle accident. By uncovering the source for discomfort, be it nerve, joint, disk, or muscle related, a chiropractor will make the necessary adjustments and deliver the best treatment they can to mitigate your symptoms and help restore your normal functioning.

Sciatic nerve pain

If you’ve ever sat for an extended amount of time, especially with a wallet or set of keys in your back pocket, you may be no stranger to pain that radiates down one or both of your legs. An sciatic nerve with compromised function may cause this pain, and this compromise may be coming from a variety of places. Treating this pain is reliant on
proper recognition of the cause. Without appropriate treatment, you are likely to experience prolonged or recurrent symptoms. This is another issue that chiropractors are very often able to help people with.


Did you know headaches and migraines may have a lot to do with the functioning of your back, and in particular your neck? Tension headaches are often caused by muscular tightness at the back of the neck, which is directly associated with dysfunction and irritation of the joints in your neck. Migraine headaches are frequently triggered by irritation and inflammation of the joints at the very top of your neck, where your skull attaches. These are both issues that a chiropractor will see on a regular basis. Their treatments help those patients reduce the severity and frequency of those headaches, often to a very significant degree.

Shoulder and knee pain

When people think of chiropractors, they typically only think about backs. Many are unaware of the great work a chiropractor can do on the knees and shoulders! Knee pain might be caused by hip and lower back issues, while shoulder pain can often originate in the neck. Constant uneven weight distribution,habits of posture and movement,
repetitive work tasks, and even old injuries that are long in the past can all play a role in the development of knee and shoulder issues, which is why a chiropractor will always ask lots of questions on your first visit. This information leads to a better understanding of the nature of these complaints and will result in more effective treatment of these
commonly seen complaints.
Most often, visiting a chiropractor is not a one-and-done kind of thing. Maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system long-term requires regular attention and maintenance, both from your health care team and from yourself! If you are looking for a reliable chiropractor in the Burnaby area look no further than Dr Forest Eaton at Burnaby Heights Chiropractic!

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