10 Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

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April 25, 2022
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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but for many women hitting the gym is not a priority during this time. Exercise during pregnancy  will provide you with several benefits, including the following:

  1. It can reduce the risk of pregnancy-related complications

Exercising while pregnant can lower the chances of developing conditions like gestational diabetes. If you do develop this condition, staying active will help keep your insulin levels in check.

  1. It can improve heart health

Exercise will strengthen your heart and blood vessels which will help your body prepare for the physical changes and challenges you may face. This includes labour and delivery, so remain active to improve your stamina and heart health.

  1. It can lower blood pressure

Your blood pressure can increase during pregnancy, and staying active can help prevent this from happening. Something as simple as going for regular walks is exercise, and can help tremendously.

  1. It will improve your mood

Depression during pregnancy is common as is anxiety, and many women will experience these feelings while expecting. Exercising during pregnancy helps to boost your mood because endorphins get released, which will help improve your mood as well as diminish stress and anxiety.

  1. It will help fight exhaustion

It’s very normal to feel tired throughout your pregnancy, and while exercising may sound contradictory, an easy walk or prenatal yoga classes can help improve your energy levels. Sometimes, getting too much rest will make you feel more tired, and while you shouldn’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion, you should exercise to some extent.

  1. It can ease back and pelvic pain

A growing baby bump will put extra pressure on your body, often resulting in back pain and an achy pelvis. Strengthening these areas can help relieve that discomfort, but be careful,  as you don’t want to make any moves that may worsen things. Focus on safe exercises through a pain free range of motion..

  1. It can improve sleep

Pregnant women generally have a harder time falling asleep but exercising may also improve your sleep quality, resulting in you waking up feeling better and more rested.

  1. It can relieve constipation

Exercise will help keep you regular as an active body will encourage active bowels, and even a quick, ten-minute stroll can help.

  1. It can lower the chances of delivery complications

Women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to have macrosomic babies, which is vital because heavier babies can lead to complications for both the mother and their baby during delivery.

  1. It can help with recovery

Exercising during pregnancy will allow you to recover faster physically after the birth of your baby. Additionally, you will also feel fit after the delivery, so you will feel better overall and have an easier time establishing a routine.

If you require any hands-on treatment to help ease the aches and pains that are often associated with pregnancy, we here at Burnaby Heights Chiropractic can help. Our registered chiropractor and massage therapist will help you feel your best, and we will do what we can to eliminate discomfort and pain. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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